Advertising Agencies

An advertising agency is a commercial organization composed by creative people and business that develops, prepares and places advertising, an advertiser looking to find consumers for goods and services or spreading their ideas. An advertising agency can provide various services: advice on marketing advice in creation and production of the technical elements of broadcast media planning (negotiation, purchase and control of advertising space) Control of the evolution of the campaign in the case of some agencies, usually the larger ones, in addition to these services provided there are others who are extrasas for example the service of research and study of market, the direct marketing service, service of graphic production, audiovisual service, etc. There are many advertising agencies in Seville, since it is a das cities most important of Spain since it is very attractive for tourists or others from other cities who visit Seville. For this reason many companies of Travel travel agencies advertising to promoting its name, its services, etc. But is not only to promote travel in Seville advertising agencies to do jobs, for example in Seville there is the magic island a very good place to promote events, new products are already used as direct marketing. Seville is a city very good for advertising agencies since it has known football clubs, the magic island that enchants many young people, the Cathedral that attracts many tourists from all over world..

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