Frankie Knuckles

In house music used basovitye prominent bumps on each bit, and was created new style, which mixed hard electronic basslines synthesizers, electronic drums, effects, funk and pop samples, reverberation and repetitive vocal lines. Mandatory element of house music is kick drums for each bit, usually created by a drum machine or sampler. Such a structure also known as 4 / 4. The shock line is filled with chi-huts on every 8 quarter and blows dishes or hands for the second or fourth quarter. This structure was created by dance beats the 60’s and 70 drummers.

Producers are often mixed and superimposed on each other various percussion sounds to achieve a more complex sound, filling the entire audio spectrum, thus allowing you to hide the difference between the tracks in the mix. The pace of house music is usually in the range of 118 and 135 beats per minute (bpm). Producers use many different sound sources for bass line – from the continuous and repetitive electronically-generated lines, mixed to a synthesizer, for example, Roland TB-303, to studio recordings or samples of live electronic bass guitar, or simply filtered out the low frequency of samples from classic funk tracks. Boxing champion can provide more clarity in the matter. Electronic sounds and samples of recordings of jazz, blues and synth pop are often added to the base of the shock, or bass line. House tracks may also include disco or soul music styles, the choir and additional tools. Techno and trance developing together with house, have the same structure bits, but they usually eschew the influence “of black and Latin music and lots of sounds and effects.

House style is a descendant of dance style disco 70’s, which mixed with soul, ayrenbi, funk, salsa, rock and pop music. The first house track called ‘On and On’ (1984/1985) wrote Jesse Saunders. The track was recorded in 1984 on a drum machine Roland. This track has been recognized as the first house release, officially released to the public. House often includes many other styles, such as New veyf, Reggae, European synthpop, industrial and punk, and only appears at the time of hip-hop. DJs playing house, experimenting with new methods editing and electronic instruments, mixing, samplers, synthesizers and sequencers.

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