Therefore, when reaching a new world, in this case, our us abduct. Lead us to their ships and are watching us. And then, to his dismay, entered us. As animal organic beings, if we normally need to evacuate, delete the non-digestible parts of nutrients, once a day (there are statistics on the matter), with the nerves that take you to a space ship and all that, can be extended up to three or four. With all that that entails. Now put yourself in the place of the alien. Pristine ship. Tropothousands distance, time and space, of travel.

Dwellings without adequate channels to remove organic debris. And in response to its predictable biological structure, toilet paper, not to mention. And we, with intestinal dysfunctions. Here is the crux of the matter. What Governments, embracing power, we have systematically hidden for decades, the big secret, is none other than: aliens, sickened, us spoil us Yes, Miss kicked out of their dishes (flyers). By God, takes this from here. We are the worst.

If they wanted to analyze us, we would remain (and subsequently eliminate) the time that is necessary. Us, if necessary, even dissected to other living beings. Why then we returned to Earth after abduct? By hygiene, if Mr. And I don’t want to come to speak here of the smell. Imagine the trip to Ganymede in those conditions. Would how we leave them the dishes! Where do I want to reach? Well, if you remember what was said at the beginning, it’s an allegory about attempting to undertake actions without being provided with the necessary tools. To undertake online business, or for any other activity, we must firmly believe that we can do it. Our conscious mind has to strive to maintain a disciplined and tenacious attitude oriented to achieve what was proposed. But in many cases, finds mental blockages that have been shaping our behavior and character this subconscious bias, is that too often prevents us from advancing, creating a feeling of impotence that ultimately It settles our dreams. Everything that we have been accumulating throughout life, staying in our brain day after day, until it is recorded in our unconscious. Never get anything, I’m not able, I’m shy, I can’t, I’m like, this is me no good, they are nothing more than mental sabotage. And as they have entered, they can fly. print others that serve our purposes. Modify this little inner voice that predisposes us against the changes, it is work that can make subliminal messages. Repeating positive statements invisible to our eyes, or acoustic inaudible, are permeating our brain. Although we are not aware of receiving them, come to mind, settling progressively, equally harmful beliefs did. If we combine the subliminal messages with a disposition, focused on goals to achieve steady and firm, the result can be explosive. The I can and am able, it will come from within, from the subconscious, pushing and strengthening our proceeding. Facilitating the achievements. Remember, if we undertake the journey, business online or improve health for example, without considering all the alternatives and conditions, we can leave the cymbal made a mess. And today, we have tools, software of subliminal messages, within our reach. Simple and accessible. As in everything, you are going to taste, but do not take advantage of them is losing opportunities to improve. And as always, to be good.

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