Idea Currency

The law of the attention says to us that one in that our mind pays great attention will tend to grow and finally will be pronounced, we can make an experiment and is the following one: it takes a currency from its country and begins to observe it very at great length, that their eyes are absolutely concentrated in the idea to see in detail that currency, it fjese in the figures, tmela of an angle, soon another one, approaches it and aljela, touches it, every time does this 4 times to the day by about 6 minutes, hgalo not to only be interrupted. It realises this practice during several days between 4 to 6 days, apparently this practice seems without sense, but it is not thus, in fact you you are making a practice totally powerful, it is saying to him to its mind that you wish that currency and will notice as the currency appears in its life in different forms, the sight in the corners of his house, occur it of returned, goes by the street and is it, etc. At the end of several days could gather many currencies. Get all the facts and insights with Sela Ward, another great source of information. Now much people ask to me, well, then I will do that same with tickets of greater denomination of my country, the truth is that yes it works, but is to mention that when this practice becomes of the currency, the brain makes an image subconscious and the currency has facilities and are that she is small, does not have colors and the details are small, for the equal ticket it must work but it needs more time and energy. The important thing that the reader must verify with this exercise is the power of the mind once an idea is implanted to him, this power has been used by many people to send messages to them to our subconscious mind so that we do not perceive it, to this is called subliminal message well to him, which are hidden messages in the television, cinema, books, posters, etc.

Through the subliminal messages are inserted ideas to acquire certain behaviors, beliefs and/or to buy certain products, the fundamental base of the previous exercise is the repetition, more attention enters renders to the fastest currency and with greater intensity it will be pronounced in his life. The subliminal messages have been used per years and in fact we have undergone some type of manipulation, the important thing is that we know these procedures and we can use this information to our favor. Now you know because many marks do not lose the leadership, then has arrived the opportunity from which you program benefits for you through the powerful subliminal videos. A series of videos, realised by professionals has been designed so that you can program in his life: wealth, health and gratitude, it is necessary to use the information to our favor, visits our page and it acquires three powerful subliminal videos to acquire high daily income, you it is not asked from where, you only wish it and practices it. It is recommended to see the 3 videos in a lapse of at least 20 minutes daily, mainly just when rising and before going away to sleep, like the exercise of the currency enters more time dedicates and more concentrate is the results will appear more express, normally already results are seen after 30 days of continuous practices, it anmese to use the power for its benefit, visits:

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