Life is Constantly Changing

In the life the people interpret some papers; of father, pupil, uncle, son, husband, etc. Each paper marked for its specificity. Some still are divided with domestic tasks or when they obtain one tempinho try to relax attending TV, if they find with the friends, etc. Hedvig Hricak describes an additional similar source. The entertainment found in shopping mall, parks, cinemas, theaters, is essential for its well-being and its mental health. The concern if initiates when it is perceived that it leaves the responsibilities stops later, when buy electronic without a real necessity, only because the friend ‘ ‘ A’ ‘ or ‘ ‘ B’ ‘ they had said that it would be good, or that they had said that you need, that is, they had installed a consumption necessity.

in extreme cases is seen to overflow the enthusiasm for the other people’s accomplishments, as mere expectation of the spectacles of its proper life. It vibrates, it is delirious with the victory of the teams of the heart in championship end, but I assumed each time more obligations, searchs to be each time more worried not to need to enter in contact with its interior emptiness. Desires you until possess, but have not found forces to register yourself that course, to change of job, to move of house, to finish to remodel, etc. Until when you you go to attend its life, without if knowing? Without being the author of the choices? He stops per one minute and he reflects, he tries to understand, to understand its dreams, to discover its objectives, where he wants to arrive and mount a strategy. The word of order must be ‘ ‘ AO’ ‘. What it intends to count for its children? What was strengthen, conquered, constructed? Or that it was looking at the landscape while the tide took its boat? It only depends on its action. Therefore the lack of it is the nothing!

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