Maria Levin – Black And White

The new album by Maria Levin – black on white a new name: Maria Levin – a new album: “black on white” – a new timbre in the Schlager genre: poetic texts, ethnic accents, claim artistic – personal, autobiographical songs from a special curriculum vitae. Again times in Mama’s world premiere celebration. The elite of the high-profile music scene in Tbilisi pushes on to a small space. Hard the spicy Oriental cigarettes smoke hangs in space, crossed by the scent of the big stage bouquets. Babble of voices, laughter, breathy kisses, Pats on the back. In between, Maria, the little daughter of the pianist. She is tired. So long sit quietly in the front row and watch how MOM brings the black and white buttons to the blades, then pass around copies of the many people who repeatedly lift it and charmed.

You descend under the piano and dreaming. Whether she will even stand on a stage? Maria Levin grew up in Moscow: due to a civil war, the family decides in the home of the Father to draw. Her favorite subjects are art, music and languages. In the school band, she discovered her passion for singing and writing her own songs already. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Hedvig Hricak. Maria – goes after a two-year study of the singing first as a student of media studies – Germany; but the music is and remains her biggest dream. You continues singing in various groups and seeks connection to the German music scene. And someday Fortuna draws the correct card from his sleeve actually. Maria receives the commitment by the “pop”course at the University for theatre and music in Hamburg.

This hotbed of talent we are already heroes, Seeed and Ute Lemper have emerged. At the final concert, the appearance of Maria amazes with her strong, shimmering soprano. She sings a bittersweet, Russian Romance. What a voice! For a moment there is silence.

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