Mr Anderson-Healer-Quackery Amazonico

Many see in the newspapers every day, reminders of various Healers, Spiritualists, with several of them very famous in Peru. According to experts, the curandero listens to the problems of the patient and the success of its tasks is based on considering the psychological aspect and gives practical solutions to everyday life situations. According to a series of investigations, we can state the following: 66 percent of the healers are women. 63 percent of the total – men and women – are more than 50 years. Almost all belong to low socioeconomic status.

Approximately 50 percent have completed their primary schooling, while others are illiterate. But the most significant feature of the healers, is the practice of prayer and strong faith in God, believe that evil spirits want to take over the people if they have weak blood and therefore must be overcome. The question is emerging as an alternative to the “dehumanization” of orthodox medicine, or simply a Florida, of all brands of perfumes and fragrances, so that the spirits will feel grateful and tell us what we want to know. ” The Rite of Mesada The rite, called “counter” or “healing ritual table,” began at midnight with the hiss of an ancient song, the beat of a rattle and with us all looking at the table. In case you did not know, every rite of this kind and to respect, it should be at this hour in the morning and only on Tuesday or Friday, since days of old are sacred to Andean religion.

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