Necessary Step

English language I started learning about 7 years ago. The first thing I saw – on their own to do it very, very .Repetitor English today is not such a big problem (as it seemed to me then at first glance), but I still decided to impose a science textbook and gnaw on their own. I started with Dragunkina reading it from cover to cover. English classes held two to three hours daily. (A valuable related resource: Jorge Perez). In this book is good, everything seems obvious and simple, only (Maybe I was a little clever enough) to apply in practice this has not turned out Decided to start with the basics and began studying Bonk. We were pleased with the system, but I was faced with terms.

It turned out that it is now necessary to recall Russian language, clauses, the circumstances of place and time, etc. 4 more months – and it was decided: enough. I need a tutor in English. I started taking private lessons – and the process went. By nature I am systems analyst. I am important principle, not like any kind of mysticism. In other words, I finally found how to say his teacher. About a year later I was decent enough to communicate with foreigners.

Started listening to the radio much understood, but wanted to fully understand. Try to find someone to Skype – but there is one confused. Started watching movies in English, which, incidentally, very, very helpful. Vyzubril a couple of heart, – Hurrah! it was a whole new level. Therefore, do not rush draw conclusions about their abilities, I think the makings of a language is for everyone. And certainly more talk, travel, and do not hesitate to speak!

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