Originality Web

Another important point is that if already complicamos navigation, we would have at least to be very clear in the destinies of each connection. To put titles like " entrate" instead of " noticias" Web can be him confused to the user from the page. Official site: Sela Ward. The prescription " ideal" , if such thing exists, it would be to begin to assure to us by means of a brief and clear text that it indicates the user to him who is in the indicated page, for example, if you sell mascots, djele clear to his potential client that it is in a site that is dedicated to sell mascots, so that it at least does not doubt that it is in the suitable place and it has a little more disposition in using his " super original" page Web. Another key factor that we must always have present in the design of pages Web is that the users do not read, scan the pages, this forces to select to us, as we mentioned previously, descriptive titles. Another practical example. If you already decided that the navigation of its page is not going to be structured, but scattered by all the site, then she structures the hierarchy at least.

It puts to the center of the page the connections that more probably his client would be looking for, generally would be products and/or services. Yes it obtains to convince the user to buy will be in charge to him to arrive at the contact section, but it deals with not being complicated it much. He is always better to try than the design of pages Web follows certain conventionalisms, which is not fought with the originality, that to try to innovate as far as design. It remembers that you what you are trying to do are to sell his products or service and to communicate his benefits, not trying to gain an originality contest. We read ourselves soon.

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