Planet Earth

Prepare to be that some people will not comply with traditional principles of human existence (manifestations), and their energy supply system will differ from BIOENERGY man, because they will have to go to recharge the energy of the Galactic (Galactic power supply)! 9. This is not fiction, it is – The new state of divine descent thinking substance (of the Creator). New, high-energy demand for new energy sources, bioenergy as a person is 'Technology' get only low-frequency energy in the third level of density! 10. When passing a person on the fourth (and some people – and the fifth) level of the energy density of bio-energy is no longer sufficient to supply Rights of new formation, and people need to be connected to the galactic sources of energy. 11. This means that people (the fourth level of energy density) is no longer dependent on natural sources of Planet Earth, and this in turn, has opened opportunities for men to do is outside our solar system! 12. Remember I told you that the representatives of neighboring and distant galaxies closely watching the transmutation process (Co-knowledge) of man, because, in the case of a positive result, Earth and people inhabiting it as an energy being, not only will move to a new stage of evolution (Co-knowledge), but will break on equal terms in a cohort of Advanced civilization! 13. But I must tell you that transmutation passes, not all people, and anyone who holds a different view, but also one who can assume human NEVERS will experience gently speaking uncomfortable stay in the 'hot' planet, because different changes on the planet under the influence of high frequency pulses and not call! 14.

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