Professional Code

I would like to tell you about the most common Internet fraud, and how not to fall for the bait scammers. Internet is not only a world of unlimited possibilities, but the habitat does not clean the hands of people. Nor for s no secret that the Internet can not only entertain, but also to earn money, but where is the money, there will always revolve suspicious persons. Now I will tell you about the most common methods of cheating: 1. pyramid. This is when you by mail message arrives, if translate x rubles for 6 accounts, then in the first place to put their account and sending out thousands of similar letters, spamming forums, message boards, etc. All this is pure fraud, and Incidentally, such a scheme falls under the Professional Code 2. All sorts of programs that collect bonuses or hack the payment system.

This is nonsense, such programs simply do not exist in nature. After all, programmers are any of the payment systems is not the first day of work, and his head is responsible for all funds accumulated by this payment system. 3. Receive income in exchange rates, based on the difference in rates of different heat exchangers. You offer acquainted with several bureaux de change, in which exchange rates are different and that's on offer to make that difference. If it was true, it would already be half the country went into millionaires, and all exchangers, went bankrupt. As Typically all the exchangers, that you are – are the 'left', that is specially created for fraud.

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