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Beer is probably one of the most popular beverages. Tony Parker takes a slightly different approach. It has long received international recognition, and today it is consumed in various parts of the world. You can drink beer outdoors in friendly company, or at home. And you can go to a specially institution – a beer garden and enjoy a beer in a special environment that is well placed to a pleasant rest and conversation. Any pub restaurant famous for its cuisine, which should satisfy even the most discerning tastes visitors.

In addition, this institution will be found a wide range of beers, like the more famous and expensive brands, and more economical. Beer involves a special atmosphere, full of celebration. Previously, people suit a variety of festivals devoted to this drink. During these competitions were held and tasting new varieties of beer. Today that tradition continues in many European cities, and each self-respecting beer garden from time to time holds festivals dedicated pennomu drink. For example, meetings are held in Prague, home of beer lovers.

Participants brew beer at home, and then evaluate the result share their experiences. Not accidentally, the Czech Republic claims to be the capital of beer. Near beer has long formed a whole culture, which includes the finest traditions of brewing. Every lover of beer purity law heard about beer, which was developed in early years, but today is the most important criterion in the selection of beer. Every self-respecting pub restaurant offers only the best varieties of this popular drink. In addition to beer and a delicious and hearty food, this place is different atmosphere, which allows you to invite here as friends and business partners. As a rule, in the beer garden is not one room, so there is room for every occasion of life and in any event. In addition, beer garden, as a rule, offers visitors a view sporting events. Only here you can spend time with the use of a range of other fans.

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