THE Sparrow’s my roof has been this spring already very close to the summer while waiting in vain, because the wait was useless when I have already convinced me that I will never return to see you, nor in my roof have you very close to your nest. I already not despertaras scratching dawn, when the Sun starts to see leaving the Moon behind. Those bounces that with your partner you gave, same to you cortejabas it, mixed with your gurgles, already will be just a memory stuck in my thought, that tired me such torment want to lose and not lose. I was lucky that you chose to nest on my roof, that joy already have given me from the day that you came. I remember that evening that you came to be neighbor escudrinabas without tino and piabas flaunting. And your partner faithful as if realized would back so happy very stuck in their role.

Greatly encouraged you find everywhere using all their arts, as with rejoicing he piaba. And put much effort, that you have found the best and thus increased your love and you felt his owner. Some days passed between large blotches, your best trills mailbags and who stronger pias. It seems that your pride grows and grows and is increasing, because you barruntas the moment that something yours will be born. What was your companion already does not leave a meal with you and is stuck in the nest and waiting. But you are going to look for it and bring it in the peak, digging more rich trying to entertain it. Some times it is barley, others seem to be wheat to carry with you to offer to your beloved. It costs you much marching, more bliss’s return offsets, since you have to see the gorriona brood.

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