Stop Working And Start Living

On Sunday, when will end the weekend, you set the alarm for 6:00 for work. On Monday morning, when he tingle, you'll frantically search button to shut it down, praying to God to sleep at least another 5-10 minutes. Then in fever you undermined start dressing and going to work, not even having time to eat breakfast. No time. Not enough yet too late, yet will fly from his superiors. You're running, running late for work, fill up on the road. This is the usual Monday. A hard day.

All that day you will think about what? About how to quickly over working hours. On the way home you run in to the store to buy semi-finished products – this is usually your dinner or lunch the children of working parents. Tuesday again tingle alarm clock and everything starts from the beginning. Will also be on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Week after week, month after month.

"So goes the year after year, and life will pass" – as he said Viktor Tsoi. But such a life is One small 'amenity' – payday. At the moment you become happy and you think it's your money – but they're not yours, they have painted the apartment, food, distribution of debts. So are millions of people. Come from work, sit in front of the TV, watch filling positive news about murders, disasters and politics until his eyes begin to coalesce, to crawl into bed, set the alarm clock and sleep until the next long-awaited working day.

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