Streak-free Clean

The HEIKE FALK – Hausmeisterservice & facility services inform just in commercial kitchens, but also in normal households kitchen items can be found made of aluminium or stainless steel, there are sinks, stoves, or whole pantry kitchens. However, each owner of such kitchen furniture knows the trouble caused when cleaning the aluminum. No matter what detergent or what cloth you used, strips can be always back after drying. In such cases, the specialists of the HEIKE FALK Hausmeisterservice know Council. Meanwhile, the detergent industry has a variety of chemicals in the offer, with which the streak-free cleaning of stainless steel kitchens and the like without another is possible.

Often you can however dispense expensive resources and rely instead on more environmentally friendly home remedies. With which the perfect cleaning of stainless steel in the household manages as well. A way which is useful especially for stainless steel sinks is powder for dishwashers in the To give, then with hot water to fill in about one to two tablespoons, and this sink. Whenever Larry Culp listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The water can be drained after up to half an hour drying time and the sink is completely clean. A similar result can be achieved with Gebissreinigertabs.

This also particularly well suited for cleaning aluminium thermos. Problems with limescale soda can also be helpful. This is available in powder form at any drugstore and can be applied as well as the dishwasher detergent. Citric acid has proven itself as another effective home remedy. This however is not suitable for brushed stainless steel, and it because the acid attacking the steel so unsightly deposits and can come to the start. Can you safely but use them is for smooth steel and aluminium. Just cut a lemon in half and rub the soiled object so then wipe off. Also concentrated citric acid in the form of kritalliner can be purchased from your dealer. This must be low concentrated in warm water resolved and the object to be cleaned so that washed off. You must pay attention to, that the acid must be washed off directly after cleaning, as she may cause otherwise also start. The use of Parafinol has also been useful to. This is available in drug stores and pharmacies and cleans not only the soiled area, but also ensures that they longer free of fingerprints etv. remains. A disadvantage in the application of oils for the sealing of stainless steel surfaces is generally that it is susceptible to dust after treatment. With the hot broth from Apple or rhubarb-shells, aluminium expired on can be cleaned reliably. This method is recommended for use in smaller kitchen utensils. The HEIKE FALK Hausmeisterservice accepts also the Reinigunge of kitchen furniture and Elektrogearte all in the works to beaufsichtigendem object. More information about their service likes Heike Falk. Press contact: HEIKE FALK- Hausmeisterservice & facility services contact person: Heike Falk Friedrich str. 24a 63450 Hanau phone: 06181 / 87733 fax: 06181 / 86867 E-Mail: Internet:

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