The Mountain

The Mountain. When we go up a mountain normally we sight a pretty landscape. How many adventurers had lost its lives trying to reach the top of a mountain? All the effort to see a pretty landscape! Everything to feel in its life an only moment, dreamed e, also, feared for many. Everything that we want for our lives that are not concrete and to our reach, normally it is in the top of a mountain. This in them brings two possibilities: to go up and to enjoy the beauties that the nature provides or simply not to go up and to continue in the mesmice.

The choice is alone its! The ascent is always tiring and arduous. We can fear and wait for worse the many times. To give up who knows. But when it is arrived at the top, the feeling of the conquest is indescritvel. It could be the time that to want enjoying. It will be able to take off photos and to love as nobody that place! To be ' ' dono' ' of everything that. The payment for all that pleasure was ' ' apenas' ' its proper sweat! Soon after to enjoy and to know each piece of that it conquered, are the moment that we start to look at the life of different form and to notice that beyond that pretty mountain other very bigger mountains exist several around. That it could see my conquest of a bigger place.

To enjoy very bigger pleasures. The dreams are in the top of the mountain. It is that place that we do not obtain to see naked by rough estimate! We will only obtain to feel, to see, to hear and to touch to arrive itself. We must fight for our objectives, it wants are easy or difficult.

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