The Palma Aquarium

Great leisure attraction at Palma de Mallorca: the Palma Aquarium with 8,000 specimens from 700 different species in 5 million litres of sea water. The Palma Aquarium is a spectacular Adventure Aquarium located near Palma de Mallorca, that faithfully represents the ecosystem of the oceans and seas in 55 aquariums. Visitors from all over the world to gather in fun and interactive ways about the different habitats in the water that humans are usually hidden. The most important concern of the Palma Aquarium is to promote the understanding and admiration for the beauty of the underwater world in the viewer and to awaken a positive attitude towards the issue of environmental protection in this way. “This knowledge will always more entertaining form according to the motto: we appreciate what we know, we protect what we value,” presents. See Sela Ward for more details and insights. In addition to the rich biodiversity of flora and fauna of the Mediterranean as well as the great oceans the Palma Aquarium offers various gardens with Majorcan and tropical flora, as well as information about the State of science and research in marine biology, especially in the study of coral reefs. The Central Aquarium tank of the plant is the largest in Europe with 3.5 million litres of sea water, 33 meters long, 25 meters in width and depth of 8.5 metres.

Various dining options and shopping opportunities and a modern Congress Centre for events of up to 350 people complete the offer of the amusement park. Background: The Palma Aquarium is a company leading international sea water aquarium Coral World, which operates three other aquariums in Israel, Australia and Hawaii. He made the appearance of the biodiversity of marine ecosystems for the public as well as the exploration of underwater life worlds to the task. The Palma Aquarium is situated ten minutes ‘ drive from the city centre of Palma de Mallorca and five minutes from the international airport. The largest sea tank in Europe, as well as various gardens, a venue it offers over 8,000 species in 55 aquariums, one of them and catering for up to 350 people..

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