Time and Leisure

Therefore, one also reflects on its importance in the development of them with regard to reduction of the spaces for the trick in the schools and homes, refusing themselves it child the right of ' ' to be it mesma' ' while subject of its construction. We fit to all citizens to be instruments to assist the transformation of this reality. THE TIME IN THE CLOCK AND THE LEISURE? The homesickness of the felt pleasure and the joy in infancy, or it not Duly saboreados and its consequences in the adult; the souvenir, the search of the shelter for recovery that makes possible continuing of the walked one, changing the routes, to tread in the ways; where to search them? (Jani Gomes) the matrix partner – historical on the public administration human being, comes if constituting in its trajectory from cultural inheritances – philosophical, educational, economic policies and social, among others, in accordance with the structures of the civilizations. The men apprehend the relations of being able since the patriarcal until the governmental one. Influences transcorrem for all the social categories? family? religious – politics, and thus, in the modern societies its identity if discloses for the multiculturalismo in the production way, to think and of the work. In this manner, the ideological differences create diverse conflicts in the daily one seeming a quiet normality trying to ahead dominate our life of the crises between the State, materialized for the classroom politics and the civil society that we are all. In Brazil, the authoritarian regimen lasted per many centuries up to 1990 when we consolidate impeachement democratically, even so the elite politics took the decisions when it was the time, causing consequences in formation of its citizenship on the part of the civil society, when it does not have conscience politics on which is its paper at the operative moment of a democracy (www.poltica-democracia.com, 2006). .

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