Tourism And Culture

This new tendency of the tourism that bets to the culture, is translated in an interest to know, to taste the surroundings, to observe and to integrate itself in the space, and to use the possibilities that this grants to him, of extension of knowledge. It is a tourism in it also looks for of rest (leisure), entertainment, diversion and enjoys. But it is a way to amuse themselves and to relax very different del that it characterizes to wild and the trasgresor one. Much more it is contained, and even emotional. It is possible to be said that it finds what looks for, in the thematic parks, interactive or interpretative museums, strolls guided with specialists and/or professionals understood in history, architecture, arts, international policy, economy, environment, etc. The tourism has also become much more demanding even in the concept of the learning (learning). The tourist not it contents either with being bombed with a data set on the whales nor dates related to the life of prceres or superfluous affirmations on the unquestionable character of a masterpiece. Now they look for an approach, (of being deep better) elementarily to understand as well as possible, the works that show or see to them and consequently the form to facilitate the incorporation of culture and the tourist experience to him with better content of spreading.

In that sense, it is important to consider that the tourist wants to know a city as Colony of the Sacrament obtained the importance that it had. It wants to know the meaning and the symbolism that a more touching approach to the magician makes possible who locks up his history; it likes to introduce itself in the surroundings on which it has arisen and it has been developed. Lamentably, the typical communication of the tourism guides, that in many cases are anodyne, DOES NOT OVERWHELM the expectations, generating I disillusion difficult to revert. The experience shows to us like the tourist informed well, correctly taken care of, to which in served, we fulfilled it jeopardize and we exceeded its expectations, it is our better letter of presentation, labor reference and advertising card, with relatives, friendly as well as in its social and labor surroundings. By each guest that we have accompanied in our guided visits, she is one constant

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