Venezuelan Products

To be competitive must be reviewed internally, and without false pretensions or expectations, analyze that it is good, and which do not. Honest as the leading human resource, which is ultimately who must lead by example and commit themselves, in the first instance if you intend to keep him the rest of the staff. In other words, put into practice the guidelines of the strategic planning, doing an audit internal and one external. Located in reality, and thinking that it makes the country joining, since being rich in raw materials, even unusable semi-finished products originating from them, because they do not have the minimum quality required by machinery processing into finished products. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tony Parker. In conclusion the new Venezuelan entrepreneur must devote to profitable businesses, for which the country has comparative advantages, using creativity that is not missing, in order to put into practice in useful tasks. Venezuelan human resource can not be neglected, you must know you leverage your talent, training, and prevent the exodus of immigrants to countries who know how to use it and where many of them have been trained in public universities, meaning a great investment that can not be squandered. The State for its part, must ensure its inhabitants the provision of services that are in charge, provide social, economic and legal security to all Venezuelan citizens or investor overseas, and propose policies clear and durable, with long-term guarantees, which ensure the investment both internal and external, and this in turn try obtaining decent employment levels, as well as an equitable remuneration to the labour force as unattended, in recent years. Original author and source of the article..

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