William Shakespeare

There – I go disconnect itself offers Makes bristle – I myself cannot leave disconnect, is I there already comes back! Arriving in the room, Rodrigo takes the control of the hand of Julieta and disconnect the sound. – Deculpa, is that I became confused with the control and – IT GOES EVEN SO! – furious Rodrigo cries out! But Julieta, invents fast one forgives, catching in the chain of the neck: – My pendant! It bends down itself in the soil and looks for despaired: – My pendant, I lost my pendant I help me to Romeu to look for please! – This cannot be happening with me! – it thinks Rodrigo returns for the kitchen, and finds Erica in the sink. – Soon, I finished of of eat-says Make bristle-already I washed the place setting and the knife, we can come back toward the room? – Praqu? we go to be talking tranquilos here! – Rodrigo suggests – Nothing of this I want to come back pra room! – it insists directing itself for the door. Rodrigo tries to hinder, but pushes it and goes pra room, follows it to Rodrigo, finds the happy Julieta with the pendant in the hand There: – I found, is here it is a heart and it symbolizes our love, inside of it our initials R and J, is not pretty? – Oqu? – It makes bristle brave-then was therefore that you did not want that I came pra room? – I explain, I I explain! – he tries to adjust Rodrigo. But the girls, do not obtain to hold themselves start to laugh: – IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS, IT HAS! – Oqu? at what they are laughing? – Of you-it explains Make bristle-that direitinho in the plan fell that agent seted pra to give a lesson to you! – I wait that it has learn-says Julieta-e never more wants to bank the Romeu another time! – Now of Make bristle-Need license-asks for to me to take care of of my life, of which, you do not make more part! tchau! – obliged Julieta-e for the picture Tchauzinho-fires, adored the gift! The two go even so happy. Pertinho of the house of Julieta, the cellular one of it touches, was the William, it takes care of livened up.

It makes bristle it is said farewell and it followed the way. In house, the Julieta is happy, after speaking with the boyfriend in the telephone, but it complains of: – Penalty that the William disconnect fast I I had as many new features to count, mainly of the friend who conhec, which will be the surprise that it said to have pra me? you the curious one! In the way for house, Erica if says tired of the love, and that never more it goes to get passionate itself, until esbarra in a very pretty youngster who came distracted, the two they are looked at gotten passionate. This youngster is the William, it was in the city, this age the surprise for the Julieta. But same surprise who had was the Rodrigo when discovering in the Internet, that the given picture the Julieta could it be valid a richness, Is that they had ordered to analizar it, and the result was surpeendente therefore was about the only picture of William Shakespeare, painted when it was alive. The girls had donated the picture for a museum in England.

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