It demonstrates tranquility and serenity. The key to conquer a woman is projecting confidence and trust in yourself rather than despair. Even though you’ve not gone with it yet and you’re asking him out with you for the first time, remains calm and tries to create the impression that you want to go out with her because you like it and not because you’re desperate to get a date. 3 Get ready to receive a not. The problem with most of the men is that we have too high expectations when we try to attract and seduce a woman, or when we started a relationship. Director Peter Farrelly pursues this goal as well. In fact most of us hope to always win without taking into account that the conquest is a game of probabilities.

Because of this we should learn to accept a no for answer from time to time and do not take this as a rejection. I think that it is impossible to drop him well or appeal to everyone, so it is quite normal that women do not accept you a 100% of the time invitation. Do in case all the women you see you like? I think that not. If we assume that a woman can say not that let’s be charming and well-like, the process of attracting and conquering a woman becomes easier, since one does not fit within the possibilities and will not make us feel bad. Movie Star has similar goals. 4. Do not take the No as something personal.

A woman I can say that not for many reasons. One is that you do not attract you and in this case you can do nothing, since if you don’t attract you thou shalt never make him change his mind. I think that this also applies vice versa, if you does not attract a woman, you don’t change opinion as much as she try. You may also want to go out with you but not tonight or tomorrow because he has already made plans and does not want to cancel.

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