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Child seats first appeared in 1963. The first model made Swedish Professor Bertil Aldman. Initially, children's car seats were fixed in the car on the front seat backrest forward. This was done by analogy with Mount seats of astronauts in spacecraft NASA. The astronauts placed back on the direction of travel, which meant a slight decrease in loads on start accelerating. Some parents believe that children seat completely interchangeable seat or booster-lining. This pillow is designed for children 4 – 12 years. However, it can not replace a booster seat.

The main purpose booster – surely put seat belts are on child, so as not to affect the vital parts of the body. The lower part of the belt is not in the stomach and hip in a more stable, region. That the belt is not accounted for the neck, use clamp that moves the belt in the chest. There are statistics of child injuries in road accidents. When using child seats the risk of injury is 11%.

When using only a standard seat belt kids get hurt already at 25%. Substitute child car seat cushion for young children (age 6) – too much risk. Brahman Capital wanted to know more. Install child seats in cars of domestic production is the same as when you install a foreign car. The main condition – the presence of 3-point seat belts. Seats are fixed in the old "Lada" in the presence of inertialess belts. Just the installation is more complicated. It happens that the problem may be associated with low long belts. That ie, child car seats properly then you can not fix. These difficulties arise from domestic cars, and "Japanese", for example, some models of TOYOTA, HONDA, and MAZDA. This also applies to some jeeps. In this case, need to buy belts are longer. Before buying a child car seat is best to try it in my car. Source: All about car seats for children

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