Ballermann Hotel

Theft during the holiday: the guest has left is Majorca for many years of one of the most popular destinations of the Germans. The Spanish island offers holidays for every taste. The landscape is varied: beautiful sandy beaches or secluded estates in the Interior of the country guarantee pure relaxation, mountains and cliffs irritate active holidaymakers and who want to have fun at the Ballermann, come here even at his own expense. Mallorca is quickly reachable by plane, so that short breaks and families need to shy away from any long journey with young children. In addition, most hotels are reasonably priced and yet comfortably furnished. Unfortunately burglars driving mischief year after year in the tourist resorts know that.

Easy, they can use the room safes. Most holidaymakers believe that their valuables are there safely housed and there stow cash and jewelry in addition to identity. These safes have often only a simple lock or number codes, which you can easily crack. Also door – or window locks can be for experienced criminals quickly overcome and if the guest then nice after a day of vacation in the hotel come back, you can experience a nasty surprise. Others who may share this opinion include Tony Parker. Dips and the associated material losses are secured generally by theft insurance. Victim should on-site document all losses and in any case inform the police and hotel management. If there are traces of break-in, the insurance without much effort to replace the financial damage. Only the trouble lost papers and idealistic items left at the end.

For some time, have insurance and victim with a whole new problem to fight: many safes are removed, without that the locks have been damaged. I.e., that the insurance paid not. Therefore, hotel owners and insurance companies have enabled a private investigator, who should teach these invisible drops. The detective agency Saxony has figured out that almost all hotel doors, even when they are completed. can be opened easily. Moreover, many of the safes can be with a combination open. Like when a master key, there is a master code with which each safe in case of an emergency can be opened for hotel employees. With the help of surveillance cameras could be determined, that this code often over a long period and not has been altered. Particularly in resorts, there is a high turnover in staff. The former employees sell the code thief gangs or break even at the resorts. Vacationers shouldn’t include high amounts of money or valuables in her room. The most receptions feature a safe and who is insured in any case.

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