Best Hunting

The past day 18 played one of hunting with more tradition in recent years in fog. La mancha was Castle posed, along with seven huts (its neighbouring sister), two fixed days for many monteros of fog. Home, for the most pessimistic expectations, wasn’t good because tasks cutting and cleaning of recent months, it helped maintain the argument that the spot would be clean carcasses. For the most optimistic was completely otherwise, since it is one of them that more cattle always contribute to the final quota for the year. Before the start of the day of hunting, as usual since the Club made charge, the Christmas toast offered by the directive with the typical copitas of sweet wine or anise and polvorones to celebrate Christmas. Although the hounds release wasn’t until 10.30 in the usual way, the first shots were heard at the starting of the monteros, specifically the first shots occurred about 20 to 10. The cattle began to move rapidly trying to flee from the spot at the noticing the movement of cars, rehaleros, etc. This hunting is also characterized for being one of the longest in time and in space.

To do things well, the dogmen must entertain to remove their encames jabatos, and little, is an area that the terrain does not much help your whipped since the unevenness of terrain are large and abrupt. But everything matters little when it comes to enjoy a hunting day and more for those who likes to enjoy his land, his coto. The statistical data of participation are just like always, 70 gates with 5 hounds beating stain, i.e. the middle of the year. The result (as always, it’s less) 9 deer, 4 pigs and 12 Hinds. There was the analysis of all tastes. The first thing this time premiered many monteros which had not yet done so throughout the year.

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