This geometry of the hall, and the construction of gender, and location of the stage and screen sizes. For example, a step floor construction allows establish a chair with a high back. Specialization of the theater should also not be forgotten when choosing chairs, chairs for the relatively low back, it is suitable, for example, a specialized children’s theater, will not be too easy for visitors to ‘adult’ theater or cinema club type of elite. Among young people are very popular so-called ‘love-seats’, ‘chair for Lovers’, which are chairs with flip back armrest (or double chair without armrests). Seating for movie theaters with reclining armrest can be fitted with the audience, increasing thus its appeal not only to youth, but for fat people.

Or restrict the last few rows, highlighting the ‘youth’ zone. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Vanessa Marcil by clicking through. As experience shows, despite the fact that ticket prices for these places tend to be slightly higher, they are very popular with viewers. There are plenty of upholstery options, which differ in texture, design and color scheme allows you to create a unique interior for your cinema. In multiplex theaters and cinema cinema chair set in different colors in different rooms, respectively, giving the names of the halls of the color of seats. In the center of the room (in the center of the 2 / 3 the length of the hall of the screen) are the so-called VIP-space – a zone of the best possible perception of a phonogram or a concert film. The width of this zone depends on the acoustic and architectural features of the hall. As a rule, in modern cinema ticket price in the VIP-room is 1.5-2 times higher than the price of conventional tickets. Using the chairs of different colors can be distinguished VIP-zone with another color.

Modern chairs can be fitted with cup holders, built-in broadcast systems, translation and other accessories that enhance comfort of the cinema. A significant factor affecting the comfort of the cinema and theater, respectively, in attendance is the distance between the rows. In this issue requires a compromise between the number of seats and the convenience to the viewer. Narrow aisles create significant inconvenience and irritate the audience seated when others are spectators to their seats. At the same time too wide aisles significantly reduce the number of seats in the hall. An important factor in solving this trade-off is that in modern cinemas equipped with multi-channel playback systems, phonograms, as Typically, there is no central aisles of the hall (as the central axis of the hall is the most optimal for the perception of sound and visual series of film). When choosing the type of seats for the theater and cinema, it is necessary pay attention to the way their dry cleaning (whether dismantling chairs, use of special tools, etc.). Of course, an important aspect of the choice seats for the theater is their compliance with the standards of fire security.

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