Charlton Heston

Diane Lane, beautiful woman whose last papers had left of side the justeza of its traces, in ' ' Hollywood ' ' it is, as the Ea would say, of appetite. Married with the vice one of the MGM, the fictitious nothing Mr. Manixx, both dance as music: astros are products, they must be packed correctly, and if to commit some public slip, somebody already is of promptitude to push everything for underneath of capacho. The Reeves case had its whims there Hoskins counts that, to the look the photos of parties of the old Beverlly, all subject in all photograph always had a cup in an one of the hands and woman in the other. Hoskins loving captive eastern one, Diane a loving native, the modernity of the couples did not start in ' ' Malhao' ' Diane says the gold phrase for its protecting doravante: – Nobody never asked for to be happy later. It says what you want ' ' With rare exceptions, all the scenes involving Reeves are verdadeiras' ' , it affirms the director Allen Coulter, involved in one without number of rightnesss in the American TV, where if they detach, for us, the episodes of ' ' The X-Files' ' , ' ' The Sopranos' ' , and it can believe that the list is great.

Coulter adds that the mystery around Reeves gains additional thanks to the ficcional detective Adrien Brody and its interest for a death until today not solved. Reeves had acted in ' ' the wind took ' ' , it was approved to contracenar with Charlton Heston in ' ' To a step of eternidade' ' , but, in the private session for evaluation, when it enters in scene, the people in the auditorium start to change: ' ' stronger than one locomotiva' ' zs, its career in the cinema was locked up. With a track to noir spotless, with situations well endowed parallel bars, and thus causing noteworthy performances, is the case, for example, of srta. Lemmon (Robin Tunney), that it would make to corar the girls of ' ' Sex and the City' ' , with the performance of the proper Diane, that ages 10 years with the occurrence, more the elaborated work of research and the raised hare, ' ' HollywoodLand' ' cousin for the example of the historical example. Exactly that the policy has filed a case with severe gaps in the B.O., the tragedy of Reeves printed in the media as suicide, causing a tremendous disillusionment in the legion of fans. Such and which manchetes recent, involving esportistas and attitudes pra there of anti-esportivas.

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