Coating Thickness Gauge For Pavements Construction Of Asphalt And Concrete, According To TPD TR 89

WITH SCAN T2 coating thickness gauge the thickness measurement of pavement for asphalt and concrete in new construction and maintenance of transport, airport and container surfaces an important role. The electromagnetic measuring method allows an exact and reproducible data recording quickly and without damaging the layer thickness, without burdening the building and is also significantly cheaper (as in a factor of 10) compared to the Bohrkernziehen. The construction company can measure in the framework of internal control also on hot asphalt and receives an economically cheap and efficient instrument for ensuring a stable quality of installation. With the with-SCAN-T2, we provide an innovative monitor available that successfully has established itself during the construction of the Autocontrol and third-party controls through its profitability on the market. SUCCESSFULLY used in road construction authorities, construction companies, and independent testing institutes within a few seconds, the device is assembled and ready for measurement. The operation the with-SCAN-T2 is easy, the leadership through the menu is very comfortable and intuitive opens. 1 enter fast and easy input of all site-relevant data. So are all measured data for further processing in enhancement available.

The device pauses meander-shaped 2 search at a height of 5 to 10 cm above the road surface. This approach allows the rapid localization of the reflector in a corridor up to 2 m wide. The measurement is then performed 3 measurement by a crossing of the reflector. After an inspection journey in a total length of about 1.5 m, the process is complete. The result of the measurement is calculated and displayed immediately. Efficient and user friendly the with-SCAN-T2 was designed as a robust and compact handset. It can be operated with one hand convinced by rapid location of reflectors, short measurement times and a high durability. The unit is officially recognized by the Bundesanstalt fur Strassenwesen (BASt). Precise and inexpensive you get immediately accurate measurements of high accuracy in the measurement range between 0-50 cm the device all standard reflectors cooperates with there are no time-consuming before site calibrations necessary new application possibilities – measurements on hot asphalt, wet roads and milled faces – measurement on bridge – alternative use of robust and inexpensive with blanks as reflectors standards 73/23/EEC allows a measurement make analysis with reflector rating data logger mode for evaluating surfaces (recording layer thickness line profiles) – as single gauge on the market: 89/336/EEC low voltage directive: directive for electromagnetic compatibility of European standard EN 61010 European standard EN 55011 metals disruptive advantages of with SCAN T2 – in the vicinity of the reflector are immediately recognized – quickly find of the reflectors for the measurement of the reflector must be crossed only approximately middle, eliminates a commuting out of the Middle, avoids sources of errors – before on-site calibration is carried out automatically – can be used on hot asphalt, wet roads, machined surfaces and bridges – measuring points and reflector review – alternative use of rugged and compact with blanks as reflectors the with-SCAN-T2 with all commercially available reflector formats works.

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