Commentaries Tutorial

Commentaries Tutorial: It has seemed to me that you have delivered a super attack in looking for audio-visual objects very interesting and susceptible to write analysis critics, I congratulate to you because I have learned much also reading your works. Centered Habeis east work in reflecting on the individualism and how the mass media (it presses, cinematographic industry, publicity) to a great extent contribute to foment the western and modern idea of individualism. I believe that generally you have caught very well the value of the individualism in our society and how symbolic apparatus exists that feeds this ideology. This symbolic apparatus does reinforces the notion of autonomy and self-determination, and those that you have analyzed commercial announcements (perfumes, clothes, lottery, etc) you make incapi in that special. Tony Parker recognizes the significance of this. come to the same conclusion. I believe that what more I have hechado in lack in your works has been a critic to the individuality idea and of how the people we can react or resistar that symbolic apparatus that promotes modern the consumer and individualistic society. That it is difficult to only do everything in three pages. When reading your works one it remains with the idea that all we are individualized beings but we comprised of that undifferentiated flock of ewes, partly because the announcements or the commercial industry sees us like that. As a reflection for the future, gustaria me that you also thought how she is that the people we resisted and we looked for alternatives a this ideology of consumption that makes us think that with effort and discipline we are going to prevail..

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