Danceable Earwigs

“I’m a band musician,” says ventre and tells that he feels most comfortable then, if “drums rattle behind me and I feel that our colleagues go right”. There are solo performances not. “There us only in the five-Pack!”, so ventre about “his” essence of the song. The success in the Grand Prix gave the music career a significant boost. In their home country the five musicians have earned themselves anyway long their status.

Now the aim is to go as so far further across the country. The new album will help to take the next steps, to provide advocacy and the media and the public to show that the success in the Grand Prix was not a fluke. The new album “when the longing” contains a wide range of high-quality pop songs were contributed by a team of successful songwriter of the German-speaking world. All forward again Andreas Martin and Bernd Meinunger, who wrote it the Grand Prix hit, but also Francesco Bruletti (Bernhard Brink), Michael Morgan, Tobias Reitz (Helene Fischer) have access to the spring. Danceable Earwigs are as well to “Listen title” and powerful ballads.

“The songs were composed for my voice, what the selection” made correspondingly difficult. I could not decide, because like I would have sung them all”, says ventre, who wants to call consequently no personal favourite song of the CD. “I like them all! Everyone is for themselves. “And it is the multifaceted,” he says. And he gladly shares the joy about the new CD by five. It will be once again the “longing”, the album pushes people to want to hear. And because desire is nothing more than “heartfelt desires”, nothing in the way is another career steps. Marco Ventre: to the person of the father is Italian, the mother of Carinthian. Ventre in Zurich was born. The Italian name is thus really so no artist name, and also he can not deny the Italian temperament. Simpatico on and off the stage. Marco Ventre comes from the music stage, played for many years in various bands, but for the time being had to Hang Sang career due to an operation on the vocal cords in the 1990s on the nail. The micro remained the man however. He made a career at the Radio, later on television and is considered a gifted motivator in dealing with the public. With friend and band mate Walter Olschan, he started his stage comeback in 2010. The band was put together and since then successfully enriched the Austrian and international pop scene. The 4th place in the grand final of the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2010 yet the winner of the Austrian pre-judging of the Grand joined Prix (reach by semi-final), a gold record, the prize for the ‘best newcomer at the Schlager Festival in Kerkrade’ (Holland) and a 3rd place in the Austrian album charts! The new album by MARCO VENTRE & BAND “when the longing calls” including the hit “Summer is hot” is available from July 29, 2011 in the German market. Source: Sabine Rothmair Ariola more info: and

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