We Are Still In The Same

Seems to be that, then that Mr. Contact information is here: Related Group. Zapatero, it finally unveil, (which virtually everyone thought) being, Alleluia! We already have a topic of conversation for another season. Gives the same thing we deal or to worry by the of the Belen Esteban or what of Mr Zapatero, from different points of view, really is the same. They will have occupied and entertained for another season, both from the media and political parties (especially the PP), to see who he is or not, the next future. But this people think that what most concerns this country, (Spain called for some, for others less) is if ZP remains or goes. Get me the feeling that a very few lose us sleep this topic. What more he is concerned, most of us, are other intranscendentales nonsense like: work, health, education, that do not remove you your House when you can not pay, because you stay without first thing, work.

When the banks increase their benefits on account of the outrages that make, with their abusive commissions, Leonine credits and what is worse, are protected by law. If they don’t have benefits that are intended to, they say that they lose. Solution, less interest, more charges on current accounts (of course the more humble) and clear this, rise of interest and others to swallow. We must save the financial sector, because they say it is the engine of the economy, but I wonder I were not these profiteers, who got us into this sea of shit? That gave credits for homes above their value. Now we are, where the same bank said that what was worth 100, now as it was super worth only 70 vale and, of course, are not the work of lose a penny, because pay and if not, to do this they also have a law that protects them, made to suit. They send and it brings them without care persons, interested only in the results. Adjust the economy to their pockets.

We are told that the salaries must be kept, not increase salaries, but salaries are talking about? they will be yours, why people I know, or is unemployed, desperate to find a job, or if they do, with contracts of misery, who were thousand heuristic, but it is now to around 600 to 800 and on many occasions in conditions miserable and abusive, with threats. Talking with a friend told me, that in some works, they prefer to recruit migrants, they are paid less, work more and do not have contracts. Ultimately in that country live? We went outside, by the Red we love programs TV trash, but we are unable to express us for a few decent wages, social stability with all the benefits that we are losing both us cost win. In short we are aborregados, we have a youth that on one hand this very prepared, but without work and, on the other hand, the NI-NI. Unemployed older 40 but no future, which will happen to their pensions after quote a lot of years. I could go on, with politicians, of one and another side, of the gull or fist and rose, meda, indeed to the end and everything after is a theatre. We remain the same.

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