Unlike other rooms apartment, the bathroom needed a bright light. Options for lighting designers a set of halogen 'sky' to the magnificent chandelier in the center. The main thing is to match fixtures Design of plumbing accessories and fit into the interior as included both on and off. The main criterion when choosing lighting for the bathroom, to be his security. Elect shall be protected from direct exposure to moisture, and metal fittings of high-voltage fixtures must be grounded.

Most popular on today's decision in light of toilets – the use of halogen lamps, which gained its popularity miniaturization. In addition, in comparison with incandescent lamps provide better illumination for the same power consumption. Halogen lamps can be embedded and open. Built, installed inside false ceiling and can not change the lighting angle, their ray goes straight down, which is not always necessary. More convenient to use the devices for general lighting outdoor spotlights with adjustable angle. Which makes it possible to change the lighting bathrooms, depending on your functional area. An interesting novelty of the market – design based on tokoproprovodyaschih tires and strings.

Of them can create unique combinations, and they can be attached to the ceiling and the walls. Mobile sources of light can be easily moved over the bus in the right direction, change the angle. Significantly and the fact that they are easily and without damage are removed from the system. In the bathrooms, as well as in other areas of the house, there is a need for zoning. Even in the smallest bathroom to the space available near the mirror. As a rule, in all models 'Moidodir' already have built-in spot lights. If at registration room you have done without bathroom furniture systems, you need to know the following rule, the light near the mirror must distributed evenly to transmit natural dyes. You can use either a pair of original symmetric fixtures located on both sides of the mirror, or one elongated horizontal upper mirror. The bathroom can be a few lamps that provide light variation environment. For example, the bath can provide a beam of directed light, plunging the rest of the room in a nice dark. For this goals can be used and conventional lamps. Special mood sozdadast outdoor lighting will receive a special, strong and tight lights, of about 5 centimeters, which are assembled in flooring.

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