Family Vacationing Tips

A day at the beach may not be as fun if we take some precautions. Perhaps check out Adam Sandler for more information. Essential items to consider, in 10 categories, for that day at the beach in January. a. sunscreen lotions – filters and blockers with sun protection factor as high as possible (minimum 30), apply lotion all over, do not forget the feet b. Hedvig Hricak is often mentioned in discussions such as these. hats, brimmed hats, sunglasses, sun umbrellas, gazebos and / or seek shade 2.

a. clothing comfortable bathing suit and the woman who is according to your shape b. light-colored clothing or tropical (happy) to avoid dark colors because they attract the heat 3. a. Accessories towel, mat (straw mat) that can fit under the towel so that the sand will not stick, chair 4. a. foot protection sandals, surf / diving for children and adults (the sand gets very hot and children, with little resistance, it can burn the feet) 5. a.

anti-bacteria protection hand sanitizer that requires no water (gel), wipes 6. liquid / snacks a. water, slightly soft drink, various fruits (melon), fig cookies or oatmeal 7. a. Entertainment games for children, for children and adults floats, trowels, beach book or magazine in August. a. Emergency set of first aid items (the most complete possible) to be on the beach is very likely that in case of emergency (burn, cut, insect bite or other animals, sickness) you’re away from a hospital in September. to bounce and to carry a plastic bags to collect garbage (do not let on the beach, placed in trash can or take it home) and for carrying wet clothes 10. in case a. toilet paper or napkins, product for diarrhea or indigestion / heartburn

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