Sell Luxury Watches

A conclusion that different watches sales opportunities can be diverse origin the motivations for the sale of a luxury watch. One reason could be: you are in the fortunate position to have inherited a whole collection of watches or: just the taxman in the neck sits you, maybe have just a job slowdown in your company. For whatever reason, whatever a luxury watch is sold, one question remains: where do I sell my luxury watches at the best price? The auction house auction platforms would first come to mind, luxury watch quickly photographed, describe and pure from 1 euro. 3.7 Or 10 days I have my money then. So I thought, but the reality is sadly sobering. It requests to the buyout by people who wanted to personally visit the watch with me, piled up that I but case personally wants to know on no. Now, I can understand that a luxury watch is not just bought from Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, and others like the pig in a poke.

Nevertheless, I would like to remain anonymous and allow everyone to visit in my apartment. This is reflected in hindsight on the price of the luxury watch to be achieved. Another surprise after end of the auction, the Sales Commission of the Auktionshause; 11% of the auction price, as the few percent of payments through a payment providers are no longer worth mentioning. At a luxury watch, 11% can be several hundred dollars fast. Disappointed I have to say also that my auction didn’t even reaches a third of the prices, as the clock or by different dealers in the network is offered. So, the luxury watch was very inexpensive for the auction winner – you’d think. But why did he sign in then no longer and picked up the clock? So the whole thing again from scratch or is there also an other way? The jeweler around the corner after I now have enough of the auction, lay me on a quick settlement.

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