Fernando Express – The Kings Of The Dance Palaces

All pop fans to the world’s most beautiful dance party invite the new album by the Fernando express – the Kings of the dance palaces of the Kings of the dance palaces”. The Fernando express”is touring for decades with high speed of the Kraichgau about Heilbronn through the whole Republic. Get all the facts and insights with Tony Parker, another great source of information. Still, the four musicians put back every year about 80,000 km, to inspire the fans in over 130 performances per year. The Grandmaster of the MD do their best at every concert, and so hundreds of fans come regularly to their famous dance evenings, which are still a real happening of the German Schlager. But also in the Studio, Fernando express in the Schlager scene among the best of their craft. Michaela Zondler (vocals), Josef Ecker (keyboard and trumpet), Hans Olbert (drums) and Reiner Prinz (keyboard and vocals) enchant us again and again with wonderful radio hits.

Together with her longtime producer and composer Jean Frankfurter have four Thoroughbred musicians now all their great hits with the new singer Michaela Zondler for best new singing album can be. To get two brand-new title alien eyes foreign Star”and I go through hell” which were written by new singer with her beautiful dark timbre on the body. Alien eyes strange star”is the first single from the best of album. The song moves people with soulful, romantic thoughts of wanderlust and a nice, catchy melody, which invites you to sing along. And especially the beautiful voice of Michaela Zondler was indeed the reason for the brilliant idea, still time completely new sing all the hits of the group.

“” “” “” With her beautiful dark timbre she is the well-known songs such as Crystal”vino in Portofino”, Santo Domingo”, coconut and Calypso, fly to the Rainbow”, the Sun of Capri “or barefoot until the end of the world” a kick, which will delight all fans of Fernando Express. And one thing is always certain, time for a best of-album of the group it was long the Kings ask the dance palaces”to the audience and pop fans are them as always in reverence worship. Source: Music Koch universal more info: and Fernando Express is the album “Kings of the dance palaces” (No. CD) from 29 October 2010 in the commercially available. Contact: Press & online: TV: & radio:

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