Flamengo Street

The esteem time of trip is of one hour and 10 minutes, with exit in the one of the Street Assembly in the Center of the city and point of fond in the South Bar. The team is composed for a driver and collector in each vehicle. Line 2016 has the following passage: It leaves the street of the Assembly in the Center of the city of Rio De Janeiro, it passes for the Rio Branco avenue, I fill with earth of the Flamengo, South River, Isabel Princess, Atlantic avenue, Joaquin Nabuco, av. Untied Vieira; av.

Moreira dolphin; street Bartolomeu Mitre; street Mrio Ribeiro, Tunnel Zuzu Angel; Rocinha; They are Conrado; auto road Lagoon Bar; Plaza of the Bar; av. of Americas, Shopping Bar; stopped final in the South Bar. 2 – USURIOS In accordance with the direct comment, carried through for the authors in the period of the professionals and passengers of line 2016 in its majority know the passage of the line, but it does not have notion of attractive tourist information on the tourist ones of the city that are part of the itinerary. The profile of the passengers of the locality is composed of students of basic, average education, university, lawyers and doctors, in its majority, inhabitants of the south zone and Bar of the Tijuca who use the line for the work displacements, leisure and school. The Temporary tourist has the profile of that searchs to interact with the city and the residents, using the same type of transport to transit in the city. Generally the tourists who more use this way of transport, are those that they come of other states of Brazil, mainly, natives of So Paulo and miners.

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