Floral Industry Design

In the II exhibition 'Kvti Ukraine 2010' conference was held on the theme: 'RECENT ACHIEVEMENTS IN Dnepropetrovsk region Floriculture and LANDSCAPE INDUSTRY'. Below are the reports of the speakers. Yury Kireev A. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Sela Ward. Manager exhibition company "Attis-C" (Dnepropetrovsk). On behalf of the company – the organizer of "Attis-C" I am pleased to welcome the opening of the exhibition II floriculture, landscape design and Floral Industry "Kvti Ukraine 2010". Get more background information with materials from Ian Sinclair. Although the exhibition "Kvti Ukraine 2010" a second time, estimating last year's experience and feedback of both the visitors and exhibitors – she managed to catch the fancy of city residents, as well as allow companies that specialize in so noble and aesthetic areas of horticulture, landscape design and floral design, on the eve of the city to demonstrate new products and to offer their services. It should be noted that the constant aim of the exhibition was, and will continue to improve the culture of consumption and use of flower, vegetable and seed as their suburban backyard and stations and at home. If each of the residents would be a step up in matters of life and its mix of flora, the city – one million in general will also be an order of magnitude better, greener, more beautiful and aesthetically. Among the highlights of the exhibition should be noted in this year's special activity of flower companies that are willing to do our best to ensure that as many people have enriched themselves experience in the use of qualitative floral material.

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