Czech Republic Sport Travel

The students in the Czech Republic are popular sports? Yes, the sport in the Czech Republic is widely distributed. Developed as tourism – youth riding bicycles, walking in the mountains on foot, by boat floated down the rivers. In universities there is such a thing as Training? Training is available only in the state of Czech universities, and even then not in all. As a rule, physical education is compulsory only in the first two courses, and students themselves choose the sport, which would like to do. As a student organize tourist trips abroad? Czech universities tend not to organize trips abroad for students. But if we're talking about a trip to Europe – 99% of all students organize themselves. Through the Internet, the hotel is located on the or similar sites, tickets are bought directly loukostah directly, do not go anywhere. Much cheaper than the travel agency and effectively.

If someone has more money or he wants travel, for example, in Egypt, then you can contact the travel agency. Are there any volunteer organization in the Czech Republic? As an international student to donate blood? There are organizations that help the socially vulnerable population. If there is a desire to help – to find such organizations is not a problem in Prague or other cities in the Czech Republic. But any benefits the volunteer status of a foreigner in the Czech Republic does not. If a student wants to become a blood donor, you should contact the One of Blood Banks, which normally exist in the major hospitals in the Czech Republic.

Citizens of the Czech Republic, the status of the donor gives tax incentives. Blood Donation in the Czech Republic is common, many people become donors, even in his youth, it is is promoted in schools and universities. Before you donate blood, the donor be examined directly in the blood bank, takes the analysis of infectious disease. The quality of donated blood is tightly controlled. If prior to entering the Czech college student has at home professional achievements in the sport if he can continue his studies in the Czech Republic? The main sports in the Czech Republic – tennis, hockey, soccer, volleyball. A foreign student may apply to the regional sporting clubs for their age and level. To participate in sporting events in the Czech Republic does not need a work permit. It is worth noting that in contrast to our universities, Czech schools are not doing a softer tuition athletes. But the lectures in the Czech Republic is not mandatory, and at seminars each teacher decides individually whether to allow a student to miss class for competition or training. In addition, the student may petition the dean of an individual training schedule. Source: Suitcase – Education Abroad

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