Games Patients Play

The sayings of the patient who does not provide useful information, ie, that fall outside the protocol set, are eliminated because they add nothing to his knowledge. a In many cases the prescribed medication (or successive corrections are made) attenuate the symptoms. Check with Hollywood Star to learn more. On many occasions, but not all. Many patients lend themselves to this game delivers them from all personal responsibility of the often agonizing feeling of being a single subject, suffering, and reduced to being a disease that disrupts the outside. But not always. Hear from experts in the field like Tony Parker for a more varied view. In many other cases the subject is not satisfied: the medication is not effective, or not as expected, insists on talking of an upset is not standardized, her anguish does not yield. a This is not surprising: there are medications very good, very effective, but they are still limited effects pills, no magic potions. The psychiatrist may then, faced with an insistent demand that exceeds their knowledge, opt for a referral to a psychologist (this in case that the center or have sufficient clinical psychologists, known is the shortfall in Social Security, so usually limited to severe cases). It can also be the same patient who has recourse to a psychologist, because who can ascertain the severity of suffering or dissatisfaction of the less serious cases? a In other cases, the patient's own input directs its application to a psychologist, and either by the prejudice associated with severe mental illness psychiatry or because they go in search of a pill to relieve your discomfort, but a person who will listen, guide and advise from a professional background.

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