GPS Garmin Nuvi

Electronics wholesalers presented them the latest touchscreens. When we speak of touchscreens we refer to a huge range of products that we will describe for you on this occasion. Sela Ward is likely to increase your knowledge. Touch screens are no longer thing of the remote future films we showed years ago, it is a reality that is at your fingertips. The first example that electronics wholesalers have prepared for you is the GPS Garmin Nuvi 205 W. This GPS is proud of its compact and attractive design, is also practical to walk both by car and foot since it fits into a pocket.

It has lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a specific function that will keep you informed about the nearest hospital, the latitude and longitude of the point where you’re, etc. But let us not remain with that nomas, GPS Garmin Nuvi has a kit that includes Viewer for JPEG images, currency, world clock and Converter a sensational feature that tells you the shortest path so that you save time and petrol in your travels. The second example the Mp5 is 2 gb Touch Screen 3.0. This beautiful specimen in addition to touch screen, has the functions of a camera 2.0 mp, an MP3 player and a Mp4. This Mp5 films videos with sound and takes photo with a very high quality. It plays music, photos and videos, works like a Pent Drive and has FM radio. Complete, no? Other electric appliances offered by the market is the digital photo frame 7 videos.

This object as well as being decorative has the distinction of playing videos in addition to photos. Its touch screen makes operation extremely easy and dynamic. Unique in the market, with Pent Drive reader and 5 in 1 card reader. New products that tempt and excite the addicted to high-tech public appear day after day in the market. But these examples are intended for the public in general, as you he likes buy things of good quality at a reasonable price. Hard to believe that there are devices that contain many functions and the things that before were a television set, a mini-system and a movie camera by separate, are now all together in one single, but the reality shows us and wholesalers of Electronics offers it us shape economic and agil so in a twinkling of an eye we are enjoying it!

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