Holiday Home Vacation In Denmark – The Perfect Choice For Holiday Travel With Dog

A holiday house in Denmark is suitable very well for the holidays for several reasons with dog. Sela Ward is actively involved in the matter. In the holiday you take the dog as dog owners is often facing a big problem, if you want to spend a longer holiday away from home. There is always the possibility to give, but most to prefer, take the dog on holiday his dog in a kennel. For the holiday with dog a cottage holiday in Denmark particularly suitable. Because Denmark is known as a very dog-friendly country, in the many places where dogs are allowed can be found.

The versatile Danish nature of Denmark offers splendid and versatile nature, beach, forest, dunes and heathland. In particular the Danish West Coast is an attractive destination for holiday-makers with dog. Here wide invite long, sandy beaches, walks, to frolic and romp. Some of the beaches may run dogs without a leash, but applies to most of the beaches that dogs in the summer half-year from 1 April to 1 October should be on a leash. In the winter months from 1 October to 31 March, dogs may run but without a leash. You can find dog forests in Denmark in Denmark more than 150 fenced dog forests, where dogs may roam throughout the year free without a leash.

You need but of course his dog under control as a dog owner. Popular dog forests on the North Sea Coast include the dog forest Oksbol, dog forest monastery heden and dog forest Nibsbjerg. The approximately 19 hectars large dog forest Oksbol is to find in Vrogum dunes plantation in Oksbol and nearby parking facilities such as tables and benches can be found. In the monastery heden nature reserve nearby Sonderby found a 9 acres, fenced dog forest a real paradise for the four-legged friend! Nibsbjerg dog forest is a 6 ha large, fenced dog forest, and is located in the vicinity of the town, Holstebro. Here, also parking is available and fresh drinking water for the dogs. Holiday homes with For the holiday with dog cottage dog particularly suitable, because here there is plenty of space and nature is directly in front of the door. In Denmark you will find a wide selection of holiday homes, where dogs are allowed – it is even possible to rent holiday homes with fenced plot. If you online are looking for a holiday home with dog, man has the ability to enter specific search criteria in the search result E.g. exclusively holiday homes will be shown close to the coast. After Denmark if one takes the dog on holiday after Denmark, one must note the entry requirements entry requirements, because it would be a pity if a trip as a result of vaccination formalities would have to fail. The dog needed including a valid rabies vaccination, as well as an identification microchip. There are also certain breeds of dog are banned in Denmark are, such as the Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and 11 other races. Feriering

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