Important Features

Winder which functions are important for an optimal mounting of automatic watches a watch winder (Watchwinder) is a watch box or a storage for one or more automatic watches in which the watches are moved and thus raised. Sela Ward insists that this is the case. So are automatic watches, which are not always ready for operation, and must be manually wound. The precision of a watch can be precisely determined through the use of a watch winder. To broaden your perception, visit Hedvig Hricak. The constant movement plays an important role especially in automatic watches, whose mechanical movement were flanged and thus go beyond the usual display of time (hour, minute, and second), modules with supplementary functions like date indicator, Moon calendar, perpetual calendar, or (more) time zones. The function of a watch winder is as follows: the automatic clock rotates slowly using winder the rotor axis, moves the watch case, therefore, the rotor turns and it exerts a torque on the clockwork mechanism. The clock is wound.

Because not all watches are considered on equal to watch winder usually have different torque or lift programs. The direction of rotation and the number of turns per day or the rotation intervals, tailored to the respective clock can be matched that set. The correct setting is carried out according to the instructions of the manufacturer or watchmaker and can be found in the technical data sheet of the movement. Usually 650 to 900 revolutions per day (UPT) is turned in a clockwise direction. A watch winder should nevertheless also offer the possibility to turn because some movements should be raised as to the left or in the change of direction.

High quality watch winders have following directions of rotation: clockwise counter-clockwise with automatic change of direction also the number of revolutions per day or the Rotary becoming can be set in seconds. The watch winder are generally battery or network operations. Are often alternatively with AC adapter to operate the battery-powered watch winder and the winder with network drive can therefore also Battery operated. A high-quality watch holder prevents scratching of the clock. It is firmly attached to the motor of the watch winder and cannot be removed. The clock can be attached such as a foam cushion, which is taken out from its support in this. The foam cushion of the winder should be suitable for different bands and sizes. Manuele Calabrese powered by Leser GmbH

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