Near Field Communication

Soon, the new generation of smartphones that is iPhone is a mobile phone that is manufactured and marketed by the entertainment electronics company Apple. Since 2007 to use touch-screen phone in Germany is Deutsche Telekom available, at that time only through the mobile service provider. With the release of the fourth generation iPhone 4, has been breached 2010 this monopoly which, and also O2, Vodafone and Apple even sell the phone since end of October 2010. Traditionally every year comes a new generation of iPhones on the market, the speculation about the new generation are the iPhone 5, in full swing already. It is believed that it is already published in the spring of 2011, because Apple is already in the test phase for the new phone. The problems could be one of the reasons for the launch so soon after the iPhone 4, which had this at a certain hand position with the reception. The iPhone 5 will no longer have a new antenna design such problems.

Could the iPhone 5 be the first iPhone that is not tied to a particular network or a specific tariff, there are rumors that it will have a built-in SIM card. The sales would be taken over by Apple itself. There is also the question whether the iPhone 5 features a chip to the use of long term will have evolution (LTE) in the room. LTE is the successor to the mobile radio standard UMTS, with be reached much higher data transfer rates is however not yet sufficiently proven and available. It looks likely, that Apple still didn’t sit down on LTE, because current LTE chips still have a too high power consumption. Instead a chip to the Near Field Communication (NFC) will be built well, that enables the exchange of data over short distances. Other rumors are surrounding, for example, the installation of a camera with more pixels than five Megapixels in the iPhone 4 or a radio with FM. Could a display that supports 3D, there is also speculation about that, for However for the iPhone 5 Apple too soon come.

For many consumers, the question whether you should buy a device of the latest generation of 4 before the launch of the iPhone 5 is now. This question is not easy to answer, because ultimately, the iPhone is a value-stable product. You can see this already currently by the iPhone 3gs is being sold to relatively high prices. Real bargain hunters will be here not so successful. Is all the more important to look at it, what new functionality is needed and then weigh whether you choose iPhone 4 or the iPhone 5 for that. You can compare iPhone contracts on.

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