Integrated Diagnostics

Therefore, when the diagnosis is usually checked as output of the engine as a whole, and the main parameters of each system, and that called Integrated Diagnostics. This subject is so extensive that beat her in one fell swoop is not possible. We begin, as is customary, from the stove, ie with the engine. Omitting the details, let's say that it consists of a crank mechanism (CSV) and the cylinder-piston group (CPG), combined into a single unit, which has, among other things, the "head" with her placed in gas distribution mechanism (RM). Others who may share this opinion include Sela Ward. "Health" of this "movement of iron" should be We are interested first and foremost. Normal wear and failure of the details of these mechanisms, as a rule, lead to the need to repair the engine, so that he could become an actor in our rubric "Razborochka." There are two parameters, measurement and analysis which allow to judge about the mechanisms for the engine. This is the amount of compression in the cylinders and the oil pressure in the lubrication system.

We hope that all will be nizheskazannoe be proof of that. Compression … how many in that sound … Those who had any relation to repair, for sure, know that there is no more hackneyed and thus a win-win "fun" than the puzzle's young apprentice search monkey mallet or a bucket of compression, without which the engine is strong does not want to start. We will not act like jokers. Having studied a lot of technical literature, we declare with all responsibility that compression is not a miracle elixir suitable for transportation in the bucket, but the physical quantity representing the pressure generated in the cylinder at the end of the compression stroke when the piston is at top dead center.

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