Science is a way of reaching the scientific knowledge, which has a method (it distinguishes him from the rest of the forms of knowledge), whose essence is the contrasting hypothesis; Therefore, to be scientific, a hypothesis should be susceptible of being distorted. One of the main elements that distinguish scientific knowledge of other knowledge, is the method (set of rules accepted by the scientific community). Scientific knowledge is hypothesis and verification. Namely factual Science: biology, sociology, history, physics, chemistry, need of observation and experimentation. nions on the matter. They are based on the reality of the facts. The falsification occurs in reality.

Formal logic and mathematics Sciences, do not require experimentation because they give a rational level. The falsification is given in the reasoning. Features of scientific knowledge: 1) it must be Rational; Science is a set of ideas; (2) it must be objective, it tries to verify the ideas we have of the facts; (3) transcends the facts, part of the thickness of the facts ruled out facts that are superfluous; Select which believes that they are relevant, it explains them in terms of laws and theories; (4) Analytical, decomposes the reality in parts, distinguish its different parts; (5) Specialized, specializes in different parts of reality; 6) Clear and precise; is not vague or superficial; (7) Contrastable, the contrasting mechanisms are: checking or verification; You must formulate a hypothesis and find your checking or verification and the falsification must formulate a hypothesis and try to distort it; (8) Communicable, can express and to convey to others; (9) Methodical, is planned and coherent; (10) General, attempts to generalization to the set; (11) Legal, tries to structuring laws; (12) Explicativa, for what and how?, occur phenomena; (13) Predicts, it can act on the reality; (14) It is no longer open, is always waiting for new things that maybe demonstrate us, which so far is correct. Scientific knowledge is achieved through reason, on the basis of the senses. This knowledge is organized, systematic, graduated, and aims to know the entire universe.

It is critical because the observed data subjected to experiments, to find the precise truth of things. Forms of knowledge are not nested; None of them is more important than the other. First steps of the scientific method: it is scientific research, begins with a hypothesis (we start and finish rationally), concludes with a law. We found four States: a – worldview idea, is the global vision that occurs in the world. Answers to the fundamental problems of man; b idea of paradigm, is a theoretical model to later build theory. Khun said scientific big changes occur when caen paradigms and emerging new that they replace them; c the idea of theory, attempt of explanation rather than subjected to the investigation will be whether it is good or bad. Theories can not be directly investigated by generality; must be a prior stage that is the hypothesis; d Hpotesis or system hypothesis, this set of hypotheses must be related. To be a system no hypothesis should contradict, all must be rid of theories. Here you will find quality items for the care of the body, mind and spirit; In addition to other sections such as: sports, entertainment, computing, health and more.

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