Today the way we listen and communicate has greatly lost. And this happens in all areas, both in our professional work, in our home, with our partner, family and friends. And it is that listening is an art. Today will see, to identify how you are listening to, and I’ll mention three ways to listen to that definitely do not work: 1. listening for listening is when many times by compliment listening to someone and just put attention on his words. In this way to hear there is no connection whatsoever with the other person. 2 Listening to answer is when you are listening and are pending at the slightest pause that makes the other person to stop and answer you.

Even many times interrumpes him and talk over his voice. 3 Listen to from my reason is when no matter what you are communicating, you enmarcas in your own judgment. Based on your own experiences. Well, what would the ways to listen to Yes work? When you’re able to re-frasear in your own words that you just communicate. When connect with feelings, emotions and experiences of the person who you communicate. When you hear from silence listening efficiently is a quality that requires great commitment and connection with you mism @, or a personal work that makes you access the great being inside you. Then when the daily practice of good listening, you amaestras consciously and afinas your ear to what you communicate. The light of the universe guide you and be with you always. Original author and source of the article

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