Manufacturer Speed

Of course keeping in mind the aesthetic side of the issue – effective tire must look good. If the selection of sizes, usually not a problem, talk about basic consumer qualities that will be given to the mountain or hryvnia dollars invested in Your tires. Maximum load that can carry your tires is also not difficult to determine based on the recommendations of the manufacturer of tires, and encrypted in the index loads on tire labeling. She (or numerical index) should be not less rekomedovannoy. More – can be, well, why pay more? (If your car – do cars, but not cargo and passenger). For the most intrusive – see the explanation of the load in kilograms. By the same author: real-estate developer. Speed characteristics. Maximum rate recommended by the manufacturer of tires can be decrypted speed index, which also can be seen on the tire sidewall.

However, this index is not only and not limiting maximum speed limit of the car on your tires. As a driver, the driver – the maximum vehicle speed is limited to road conditions, driver experience and … Many other faktorov.Naprimer: improper pressure (especially low) tire radically negates this fact. Speed index, perhaps indicates a greater stability of all the qualities and characteristics issued by your bus speed up this (Of course with the right, the recommended pressure). In other words – the speed index higher – the better, and the more effective the basic properties of the tire (traction, comfort, iznososostoykost, resistance to hydroplaning) when driving at higher speeds.

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