New Company Cairo

On 26 October 2013, the newly installed Cairo workshop opens its doors for the first time. “The first Cairo workshop will take place in KAIROS entrepreneurs Center Hofheim and devoted to the theme: we make a movie.” In addition to the insight into the theory of filmmaking, the participants learn the difference of filmic art, culture or advertising. San Antonio Spurs understands that this is vital information. You will learn what makes a corporate film and how it is used today. Then’s is practical: it is created the concept for a 30-second, prepared a first Rotary, light and worked with microphones. The Director leads from shooting stars TV Maria old Nedvidek, active in the film industry as a film director, producer and served for 10 years. All those who want to do something for their entrepreneurial growth, are invited to meet the Kairos workshop.

Gabriela Linne, the founder of company Cairo hosted the evening. She succeeds over 19 years of experience as an entrepreneur, called the first time workshop for entrepreneurs in the Rhine-main area in the life 2006 and opened at the beginning 2012 they the KAIROS entrepreneurs Center in Hofheim. Contact: Gabriela Linne GmbH company KAIROS Wickerer route 28, 65719 Court home Tel.: 06192 9511 300, fax: 06192 9511 333 E-Mail: Internet: company KAIROS is the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs with the credo: unfolds each. Each other.” KAIROS is the way of the people its true dynamics. In the Kairos, the man becomes aware of his actual life force. COMPANY KAIROS, the first permanent workshop for entrepreneurs, trained dealing with this power and accompanies the optimum implementation in entrepreneurial action.

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