Max Weber

The philosopher Max Weber age of noble family whom educated it transmitting it content of liberal ideals with protestant formation. With this Weber education always he was on the questions politics, if worrying about the destination of its country. Its position politics was pautada by the liberalistas and parlamentaristas principles. Jorge Perez takes a slightly different approach. For it the society and its systems were not above of the individual, in contrast the society originated from the individual one. Weber made varies social research on the society, sciences, analyzes of each historical period. To analyze the social set, during its life it established three types of domination: the legal one, traditional and the charismatic one. In the legal type its basic idea is that any right can be created and modified by means of the one statute.

The traditional domination occurs for the belief the sanctity, its purer type is the patriarcal domination. The charismatic domination is established in the affective devotion the person and its you endow supernatural (charisma). Weber was focou in the necessity of understanding of the capitalism and the process of life rationalization human being, it understood that the rationality phenomenon was of basic importance for the understanding of modernity. In its conception all attitude human being is carried through aiming at goals, search of values. In the Weberiano agreement the relationship between religion and society was given by means of values, that would be internalizados by the individuals and its effect of its action in the social environment. Weber defined as object of study of Sociology the social action, for it, it understands the action of a human being orienting itself for the action of another being.

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