It allows a high personalisation of the system, requires a greater infrastructure technological and preparation of the user and to use a suite office automation, useful if the number of users is very great and/or the points of sale they are one of another one near. Using a CRM increases the participation of the market of the company and it significantly increases loyalty of the client. The cost of a CRM varies according to the solution. Among them we found Goldmine (358 dollars by license), MicrWeb (76-83 dollars per usuary month/), Salts FORCE (of type SAAS, 10 dollars per usuary month/), Force.com (74 dollars limitless usuary month/or 111 dollars per month), SAGE (1.367 dollars by license or 48 dollars usuary month/) and Microsoft Infoavian Solutions with CRM Dinamics (1.657 dollars by license or 110 dollars usuary month/). III. Contact information is here: Sela Ward.

CRM. As to generate it First of all one is due to have concentrated the information of the clients in a calculation leaf. For the effects of this article use a file of excel. In I reserve to a leaf the information of clients, having in whatever to order the data on the basis of the column with the names, since we will use that information like part of our catalogue of clients. It will be possible to be shown of the following way: Once having ordinate this list of clients, is advisable to select the column in the left part where usually it gives the name us of the cell that at the moment we are using, to put the name of the rank like " ListClientes" for example Later, we must direct to us to the leaf where the information of the purchases of our clients is going to concentrate itself. In one of the columns puts like headed " cliente" for example, and to be placed in the following cell where the name of our client would be entered already.

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